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Tiny Babbles Speech Therapy, Inc provides private in-home, in-clinic, and/or telehealth speech and language services in the Temecula Valley! 



Motor Speech Training


Early Intervention Parent Training Program


Certificated in Clinical Competence


Natural Language Acquisition Training through Meaningful Speech for Gestalt Language Processors


Founder / Speech-Language Pathologist

Tiny Babbles Speech Therapy, Inc. was founded by Alyssa Kung-Gunion! She has been honored to work with brilliant mentors who have shaped her into the therapist she is today! Alyssa is a lifelong learner and strives to seek the innovative, engaging, and effective therapeutic activities for her clients. Alyssa has presented lectures with her apraxia team colleagues for CSU Sacramento graduate courses, provided consultation services for school speech language pathologists, and supported the Northern California Apraxia Kids Walk. She loves to make communication FUN and share her love for learning with others. When she isn't researching about speech and language, Alyssa spends her time playing and exploring outside with her husband, toddler, and dog! 

Alyssa graduated with honors from University of California, Santa Cruz where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. She earned her Master of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology from University of the Pacific in Stockton, California.  Alyssa is currently on the University of the Pacific SLP Alumni Board. 


Alyssa obtained her Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). She is also licensed by the California State Board.  She has experience working in elementary, middle, and high schools, private practice clinics, early intervention, and at the VA hospital setting. Alyssa has earned the Award for Continuing Education (ACE) in 2019 for her participation in lifelong learning. 

Some of her additional specialized trainings include:

  • Hanen’s It Takes Two to Talk ® Parent Training Program for Early Intervention

  • PROMPT Level Two trained for Motor Speech Disorders

  • AEIOU Systematic Feeding Approach for Pediatric Feeding Disorders

  • Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing (DTTC) for Motor Speech Disorders

  • Natural Language Acquisition Training through Meaningful Speech 

  • Sensory SLP Certificated through the Inside Out Program


Tiny Babbles Speech Therapy is excited to be a part of this community and giving back to our families is a big part of who we are.  Although we are small, we donate a portion of all proceeds to special needs programs and local children's hospitals.


Tiny Babbles is rooted in a strong foundation of love and family. In the Philippines, my grandfathers would travel to the mountains to serve and care for the community. Their priority was the wellness of the people and spreading their light. My mission for Tiny Babbles is to continue their legacy and give back to the community who welcomed us with open arms.

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I love the field of speech and language We love everything about communication, and we want to make it accessible to you!

Communication is key. It’s the key to our relationships, key to our learning, key to building ourselves. Communication is the key that unlocks the world for us and allows us to access and connect with the people and culture around us. The need to connect with others is inherent and our human right. We learn to listen and observe the world and the languages around us. We learn what words, tones, and gestures mean. We might attempt to communicate others by first making sounds, moving our body, or showing a picture. As we grow, we use these skills to share our ideas, cultivate relationships and friendships, and gain knowledge.

Communication is key and communication is my lifelong passion. It is a key that must be accessible to everyone.  My goal is to provide you and your child with access to this key that opens the world.  I love the world of speech and language, and I hope to share with you what I have learned. 

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