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Jenna Eckstein, M.A., CF-SLP

Jenna Eckstein is an enthusiastic and empathetic therapist, currently fulfilling her Clinical
Fellowship, who strives to serve children and their families. She earned her Bachelor of
Arts degree from Baylor University, graduating with Cum Laude honors. As a recent Master
of Arts graduate from the University of Oklahoma, Jenna gained invaluable hands-on
experiences in various pediatric private clinics, public schools, teletherapy services, cleft
palate clinics, and Veterans Affairs Hospital of Oklahoma City.

In her free time, Jenna loves adventuring through California with her fiancé and two dogs!
She believes everyone has their own forms of communication that deserve to be heard,
seen, and felt by the world.

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Jenna's additional specialized trainings include:
● Montreal Cognitive Assessment Training and Certification
● The Modified Barium Swallow Impairment Profile: MBSImP Standardized Training
and Reliability Testing, Certified
● Parkinson’s Voice Project - SPEAK OUT! & LOUD Crowd, Trained
● First Aid and Basic Life Support Certified, American Heart Association

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