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Tiny Babbles Speech Therapy provides in-home and teletherapy (virtual/online) services for Murrieta, Menifee, Temecula, Wildomar, and surrounding cities. I assess and treat speech, language, fluency, voice, and social communication. My goal is to support the individual & unique needs of our neurodivergent learners! The Tiny Babbles therapy style is designed and tailored for your child. I believe in a play-based, patient and loving approach and will partner with you to create a comprehensive on-of-a-kind program for your child. I strive to empower caregivers and provide the little learners with the skills to communicate effectively, efficiently, and with purpose!


Child pulling wood train on carpeted floor. Only child's hands and legs visible.

"Alyssa made our son's sessions a joyful and engaging experience. She included his interests in the lessons to make sure his interest was captivated, which made an enormous difference in him wanting to participate. She was also very flexible in working with him and adapting so that they kept working on his goals even when his attention wandered. Alyssa was willing to listen to our concerns and provided well-thought-out answers to our questions. She also made sure that we had information and tools available to keep on working on that week's goals."

Kimberly & Alvaro

Child in blue striped long sleeve shirt stacking an orange box on top of blue and green box.

"Alyssa is a brilliant therapist, she connected immediately with my son who doesn’t like anyone. She always made the hard work of therapy fun and rewarding. Her help navigating school services and life with a child who was largely unintelligible were irreplaceable. I cannot say enough how grateful we are for Alyssa. She is willing to learn, try new things, adapt and overcome challenges, and all with a smile. Thank you for making speech a joy!"


Green, Red, Orange, Blue, and Yellow wood toy cars on a wood platform.

"She is so patient and kind, and she has helped us both to adjust. My son smiles when he sees Alyssa's face on the internet or hears her sing a song at the beginning of her session with him. Alyssa makes learning fun through teletherapy while targeting my son's goals. She's efficient with her time and makes every second productive which I appreciate very much. In addition to doing an amazing job working with my son, she also gives me great tips through email after each session on how I can help him at home. She is very creative and integrates what I have at home and demonstrates how I can use specific toys to help my son learn. Alyssa makes homework easy and do-able and in the end, all of her suggestions are powerful as they help my son move forward. I appreciate Alyssa so much. I ask her so many questions to get a better understanding of my son's status and needs, and she provides constructive feedback ALL the time! She has provided me with links, resources, and has answered several of my questions to help me get a better perspective of where my son is and where he needs to go. She helps me understand the world of Speech and includes me in my son's Speech journey and I have found it so beneficial because it has helped me understand my son's needs so that I can do a better job to help him at home and advocate for him at school. Alyssa is AWESOME! All of Alyssa's lessons and feedback have made a change in my son's ability to communicate, and I am so grateful. Thank you so much for connecting us to her. She has really made a difference in my families life, and I am so optimistic about my son's future under her wing."


We give financial support to local kids


Serving Murrieta & Temecula Valley for in-home services. Serving ALL California residents for teletherapy (virtual) sessions!


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